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Using photographs to enhance your charity’s website

Adding photographs to your charity or non-profit website is vital to making it interesting and eye-catching for your visitors. It reinforces your message and can help to set the atmosphere of a page.

Building up a portfolio of images for your organisation

It’s a good idea to build up a portfolio of images specifically related to your charity, such as photo’s of special events or your volunteers hard at work.

If you’re short on images you could ask your volunteers or a local photographer to help you by attending your events or visiting your premises and taking lots of photo’s.

Using Stock Photography on your charity website

Sometimes you need something specific or a professional quality photograph instead of your own photo’s, so for this you can use stock photography.

There are lots of places you can get stock photo’s online, but my recommendation for the best place to find low cost stock photo’s is

Stock Photos

I’ve always found their prices to be lower than the competition, and you often find the same images at CanStockPhoto as you would at the more expensive sites.

The range of images is huge so you’re bound to find what you need and for images suitable for use on the web you can purchase the small size, most of which cost just 2 credits which equals $1 (about 65p at the current UK rate) – a bargain!

Using ‘public domain’ images

A lot of public domain images aren’t of the best quality but it’s usually worth having a quick look at a few resources to check if you could find what you need in the public domain and royalty free.

Here’s a few recommended places to find totally free and public domain images and graphics:

Choosing the right images for your website

It may sound obvious but – always try to use images closely related to the content of your page and place them near the specific content area they’re related to.

For example:



The content for this section. The content for this section. The content for this section. The content for this section. The content for this section.

It’s best not to use images that are too dark or too light or images that just look ‘hacky’, as it might lower people’s confidence in the professionalism of your organisation.

(Unless the image is in a photo gallery, in which case it’s not so much of a problem)

Image copyright

When using images you’ve found around the web, it’s important to note copyright issues. You shouldn’t use random images you’ve found via search engines (e.g. Google) unless you’re certain the author has given permission.

It’s worth spending a small amount on stock photographs so that you can be sure your organisation is legally allowed to use them.

Royalty Free Images at Can Stock Photo

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