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Super easy to use image resize tool – very handy!

Every now and then you may need to resize an image for your charity or non-profit org. As a web editor I find myself editing images almost daily, and opening up Photoshop or another feature-packed program really is overkill for such a small task.

Image resizing in your browser

I often use this handy tool for image resizing and would like to recommend it to you:

It’s a quick and easy process, even for people who feel they are less experienced with image resizing and ‘webby’ things. Simply hit the ‘browse’ button to select your image from your computer, then click ‘continue’.

On the next page you will see a preview (not to scale) of your image. Under the preview is where you will set the new size for the image. Click the dropdown menu at Step 2 and choose one of the options as per your needs, or choose ‘Custom size’ if you know the specific size (in pixels) that you need.

If you’re unsure on what size you need, bear in mind that the average computer screen (not widescreen) is around 1024 pixels wide.

So, for instance if you want an image that would be around half the width of the screen – 500px wide should be fine, or for small thumbnail size images – around 100px wide.

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