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Low cost website hosting for charities and non-profit orgs

Note – This post contains affiliate links and I may receive commissions for the purchases made through these links. This is at no extra cost to you. These are the services I use and recommend.

Tsohost is a hosting company that we recommend to many charities and non-profit organisations.

> Visit

They provide a good quality hosting account at a super reasonable price, giving you everything you need to start your own charity website including ‘one-click’ installs of top quality software like WordPress, and plenty of space and resources to host your organisations website, emails, images etc. You also get a free domain name included in the deal!

At time of writing (2019) their cheapest cloud hosting package is less than £1 per week. Perfect low cost website hosting for your charity or non-profit.

Personal recommendation

We use Tsohost hosting here at along with some other sites we own, and our experience of Tsohost has been good – we have received helpful answers whenever needed from their technical support team, and they have a full ‘Knowledgebase’ section on their website.

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