Websites For Charity was created to give free help and advice to charities and non-profit organisations so that they can get more out of the web, specialising in getting great results on a small budget.

Our website provides guides and articles on everything ‘web’ related, like the basics of where to buy hosting & domain names, how to set up free forums, social networking accounts and promotional & fundraising campaigns for your organisation.

Although many people don’t feel they are ‘web-savvy’, a lot of these things are not as complicated to set up as you may think, and we aim to write our guides as clearly as possible so that by following our instructions any charity/non-profit can achieve big things on the web!

A note from Jo, the creator of Websites For Charity

“I started making websites at the age of 18 when I decided I wanted to run my own business online. I didn’t have the money to pay someone to make a website for me, so I learnt the basics of how to do it myself on a small budget, and I set up my own online shop.

From then, my interest in web development overtook my interest in selling online, and I continued to learn more and more about how to make websites (still on my miniscule budget!).

I’ve been working with charities and non-profit groups for the last 10 years, many of whom are working on a really small budget or sometimes no budget at all, so I’ve spent a lot of time researching ways to achieve their goals for online campaigns using the best free or low cost services & software available.

I decided I needed to put all this information together on the web so that I could share it with as many charities as possible and help them get more from the web.

It’s frustrating to me to see charities/non-profits paying more than they should be for website services such as hosting and design, because those funds could instead be used to fund the good work these groups are doing, and it’s amazing what you can achieve with limited funds if you’re prepared to find out how.”

Jo Baxter, creator of Websites For Charity

Funding ‘Websites For Charity’

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